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Visual identity for Mossutställningar
Elementa collects six new works of art in the form of letters to Skärholmen based on the classic elements we come from and depend on: fire, ether, air, water, wetland and earth. Based on these letters, thirty-two citizen proposals have been developed which can be read in the second part of the book: District dreams. Artistic embellishments of Fokus Skärholmen highlight the ongoing development of neighborhoods in Vårberg, Skärholmen, Sätra and Bredäng, where 6,300 new homes with social sustainability as a goal will be built until 2030. The art program wants to give space for a debate before the shift humanity must necessarily undergo as a result of the climate crisis. The question of whether modern man is superior to nature comes up again. Are Stockholm's sustainable district developments, which shape our lives around Lake Mälaren and its outlet to the Baltic Sea.