Jag är 2015

Graphic Design & Art Direction

Atoosa Farahmand initiated the “Jag är 2015” campaign in march 2020 and her text became viral, engaging thousands. Her words inspired over 1300 people to send in personal stories to her that she in November 2020 handed over to the Swedish Parliament.

The project is working in different ways of giving a voice for thousands of stories about migration.

The social media campaign for “One voice and a thousands stories”  is a Facebook LIVE performance that occured the third of March 2021, that marked one year of the movement.

Atoosa Farahmand gave her body and voice for an eight hour performance to stories that has been sent to her during 2020.

The video performance have been exhibited at Blå Stället Konsthall in Dec 2021 - Jan 2022 and at Panora in Malmö in March 2022.